Do not read this section

Welcome to the test I’m doing on human nature.  

You failed, by the way. 

I clearly asked you NOT to read this section and the fact that you are reading this clearly means you ignored my request.   It’s disappointing but honestly, I knew you would.  How?  Because if it was on your page, I would have clicked it too.  I, like you, would have blown right past your request.  Curiosity gets the best of us even though we know it already killed the cat. 

Why do we do this?  Why do we intentionally go where we shouldn’t?  Why do we do what we are told not to do?  We see that the speed limit is 60 mph and we have to go 65.   But why?

It’s because, deep down, we are all law breakers.  On every level.  We like to think we are “basically good” but the truth is, from birth – we are “basically bad.”  Don’t believe me?   Babysit a two-year old.  Watch them for about 30 minutes.  No one teaches them to be bad.  No parent tells them how to lie or deceive.  They just do it.  They have an instant ability – almost instinctual.  For being so new to the law-breaking community, they have mad skills.  And they can often get away with “murder” because they are so dang cute.  No wonder, by the time they are our age, they are masterful at it.  Practice makes perfect, or in this case, it makes you better at hiding it.   Isn’t that what we do?

In a lot of ways, this is what my blog is about: 

  • It’s about life.  Real life and real life issues.   Come back often enough and you’ll think I’m following you.  I’m not.  I write about the things I see and experience and think and chances are, you are thinking them too.   Especially those things you don’t want anyone to know you are thinking.
  • It’s about mistakes.  God knows I’ve made enough of them.  Maybe you can learn from mine?  Maybe I can learn from yours?  Hopefully, as we learn – we will make less of them.  I’m tired of paying the cost.  I’m sure you are too.
  • It’s about faith.  We all have faith though the object of it may differ.   My faith is in Christ.  If yours is not, perhaps this blog will challenge where you place yours.  Clearly, I’m not perfect.  (see above section)  I’m not even good.  I am merely one beggar telling another beggar where to find Bread.  More about faith can be found at this blog:
  • It’s about hope.  Beyond oxygen, food and water – hope is the next essential.  Without it, we despair.  With it, we can endure almost anything.  My desire is to be a dispenser of hope.  If you need some, this blog will provide liberal portions.
  • It’s about grace.  People who make mistakes, need grace.  I have needed more than most.  You need grace too as you are reading a page you were forbidden to see.  Grace is the undeserved hug we all need from the one we just hurt.  This blog is full of grace.  It’s my way of giving you that hug you need. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Feel free to share any post with anyone who needs it.

31 Responses to Do not read this section

  1. Pebbz says:

    Loved this post. Except for the first three paragraphs. A faux guilt trip is, well, annoying.
    You got the point across very well talking about babysitting.
    Actually I didn’t appreciate the remark about speed limits either. At least on the freeeways where I live, you must go five miles over the speed limit so you don’t get hit by the psycho drivers. (No I’m not a crazy driver, I stay within 10 miles of the speed limit even when everyone else is going much faster) The cops don’t care if you go five miles over the speed limit, I have tested this theory a couple times.
    If you’re going to talk about the depravity of man you should go beyond examples of not-actually-rule-breaking.

    • Rod Arters says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting! It was not my intention to give a “faux guilt trip” in the first three paragraphs. Everything I wrote in those paragraphs are undeniably true, regardless of your political or religious beliefs.

      As far as the remark about speed limits – I believe you read that from the forbidden “do not read section”. 🙂
      The reality is – the law states the limit is 55 mph and not a mile over it. Granted, I understand we may all justify our reasons for breaking that law from time to time (safety, emergency) but that does not eliminate the truth that it is still illegal (by the letter of the law) to do so. Just because the cops do not care or that you feel it is right does not change the fact that it is still against the law. I’m not judging you – merely stating a fact. We ALL break the law – some more than others – which is why we are ALL in need of grace. Please don’t lose the point of the blog by focusing on the overall imperfect illustrations I use.

      Concerning your last sentence, isn’t the depravity of man actually the manifestation of rule-breaking? Name one depraved action that would not be breaking a rule, whether it be God’s rule or man’s.

  2. lettabug says:

    Silly me…. I thought it was meant to be read! Why else put it there?

  3. Kat says:

    Human nature. And I failed the test. Although, I did ponder it quite a bit. I saw it, then I read other posts. Then I saw it again. Then I went somewhere else. Eventually, like the apple, it was too big a temptation to not read it. After all, I knew that’s why you put it there. :o)

    I like a lot of your writing by the way. You are very thought provoking and honest, as you see it. I was tempted to comment on a couple of people’s comment about the Dark Side post. One man in particular was being a real jerk, almost taunting you. I realize everyone has their opinions but come on….to keep coming back at you?

    Have you heard about Westboro Baptist Church to protest funerals for those who were killed? I wonder what you your thoughts are on that ‘bunch’ and would love to see a post on it. I won’t go on and on and on, as I would like to, about them. They clearly aren’t worth the breath and time it would take to vent about the judgemental people they are that think they are above the rest of us. Maybe you’ve done a post on them already, I haven’t read all of your posts.

    Best Regards

    • Rod Arters says:

      Kat, sorry to tempt you on the “do not read this section” page. Alas, you are too smart for me. 🙂 Thanks for having fun with it and reading it anyway.

      I’m grateful for your kind remarks. I’m glad I can write in a way that you relate. I agree, there are some who seem to like to argue (for argument sake). Hopefully their comments will help me sharpen my “pen.”

      I have heard about the Westboro folks and I hesitate to call them a church. They are certainly not the church that Jesus talked about building. I probably will write about them in the future, stay tuned.

      Thakns for stopping by and for commenting!

  4. Katrina says:

    Hello again. I was just wondering, do you take article topic suggestions from readers?

  5. Ummm….I’m a rebel. I would have read the page whether anyone wanted me to or not! LOL!
    Good stuff, by the way! Are you a single parent like me or do you have “help” with those three kiddos of yours???? bahahaha!


  6. rachelocal says:

    It looks like we have a mutual friend–Jesus! (Even better than a blogging buddy, I would say.)

    • Rod Arters says:

      Well, look at that! You know what, it doesn’t surprise me. Whenever I see someone who appears “sharp” to me – without a doubt, they are in my “family.” Glad to know it!!

  7. ordetfanger says:

    Hei! I don’t believe that we are law breakers because we are bad, but because we all search for freedom.

  8. Flaca says:

    I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, what do I do?! I read posts I am not supposed to read!

    Ok, I’m a faker, I do drink.

    Great blog and perspective. Best wishes to you in sharing your message.

  9. Rod, I loved it! Of course I went directly to the “Do Not Read” section knowing it’s a marketing ploy or that it had something to do with the human nature aspect. But, whatever it is or why it’s there, is fun. Definitely thought provoking and isn’t that what we need? To be poked and prodded to check if we’re still alive and engaged in life. If we’re not engaging then we can’t make a difference and I, for one, want to know the world is a better place because I helped make it so. The only way I can see to do that is to be alive and following God’s path for me life and shinning for Him. So, yeah, I’m a law breaker…there was the time I outran a cop in my finance’s hot car…but that’s another story. And, I was 19. Today, I’m in the category of trying to keep it to only 5 miles above the speed limit so no more wild car chases. Gosh, maybe I could have been in that Clint Eastwood movie with the cars in San Francisco! But, seriously, it’s great to connect again and I will go back and check out your blog. How wonderful that it’s read in so many countries! God bless you and your ministry!

  10. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over
    again. Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  11. Jessica says:

    Where did you find the perfect picture to go along with this post (which was, I thought, perfect, by the way)?

    • Rod Arters says:

      Thanks Jessica! Picture was compliments of Google images – where most of my gems are from. I’m probably violating every copyright law in the land…oooops. 🙂 I appreciate your compliment on the post. I may frame it as it will be the only perfect thing I’ve ever done. LOL

  12. Marci Tripp says:

    I have been busted! 🙂 I’m thankful that I have found your blog through Elisabeth Klein Corcoran. She is my daily partner in life. We chat every morning at 9am and I’m always all ears. Ok, ok….so I read her blog via email. I hope you don’t mind being my partner as well. I loved your piece on Humbly Caught & Pridefully Hidden. I believe each of us have a story that may not have started perfectly, maybe even fallen from grace and struggle from time to time but it’s the ending that I’m most concerned with. I’m blessed to surround myself with “friends” like you and Elizabeth that have words of encouragement and have uplifted me to where I am today. I’m thankful to have found you.

    • Rod Arters says:

      Marci, great to have you on my blog! You couldn’t get a better partner in life than Elisabeth! What a blessing that you speak with her daily. I know she is blessed by your interaction as well. I appreciate your encouragement. Please feel free to read more of my blog and share with those who may benefit by reading it. 🙂

  13. Troy Goetz says:

    Rod, I ran across your blog when reading on; your post “Are you crossing your children.” Obviously I’m a rule breaker and look fwd to dropping by on a regular basis as I found the other posts of yours relating a lot to me and life in general.

    • Rod Arters says:

      Troy, glad you found my blog post and took the time to say hi. I’d be honored to have you back for more and glad you broke some rules. As you will see, I have broken my share of them as well – you’re in good, er, bad company. 🙂 Let me know how I can help you in any way.

  14. Hello Rod,

    What a gem I have found! I actually found your blog through “Family shares” and when I clicked on your website…..I am hooked. You are an amazing vessel! I’m starting from the beginning posts and I love every word of it. Thank you for being faithful, honest and humble. I look forward to all your entries!


    • Rod Arters says:

      Dear GreatWifeShark (lol)

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! So glad you found me and that you are “hooked.” 🙂

      I trust my blog will continue to encourage you on your journey. What is your first name and what part of the world are you from? (Curious for testimonial purposes).

      Keep reading and commenting!


  15. Hello, Rod! I clicked on “Do Not Read This Section” either because I am too curious what it was about or probably because I am “radical” by heart (I personally would like to consider myself to be called as that over “rebel”.)

    Anyway, I found my way here from Family Share. And yes, I absolutely agree that we all need grace.

    Thank you for inspiring me with your words and I hope my future writings/blogs will be as thought-provoking as yours.

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